An Essay On Gender Equality

Gender Equality

Gender Equality is an important problem in the modern world. We should educate the students about gender equality. Gender equality is a guideline about the gender of men and women.  Gender equality means equality in the rights, responsibilities and problems between men and women. In our society, we should support gender equality. Equality does not mean that the equality between men and women in gender, but, it means equality in the rights of men and women.

  • Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment

Nowadays, women are in the situation of indecisions making. It means that we should provide them with all the detail about their rights. Moreover, gender equality is the significant issue is reflected in the everyday issue. Women are not giving their equal rights in our society. We should give information about this critical issue. An essay is a long formal piece about any issue and problem. Writing an essay is not difficult for the students. We should provide equal rights to the women and girl in the education, health and political parties. It is most important for all persons. However, in the twenty-four years, the problem of gender equality remains.

  • According to the women university,

No person in the UK shall, on the basis of sex be excluded in the participation, or defined the benefits in, or be subjected to the discrimination under any program or activity receiving federal aid “.

  • Ethical theories to the gender equality

Gender Equality 1We can discuss the ethical theories with these three points such as utilitarianism, ethical views and feminism. Using the core principle of each theory, we can discuss the issue of gender equality. With the theory of feminism, we can prove that gender equality is an ethical issue. However, this requires a comprehensive moral answer to the issue. Virtue ethics is an ethical theory that highlights the role of women in society. It also shows the traits of any character. In other words, the ethical theory is the main action of the proper character.  Virtue is not important for the entire person. Gender equality is the goal for all persons to gain success in their lives.

We should discuss the issue and highlight the main issue in the various prospects.

  • According to Marilyn Friedman,

Equality, rights, autonomy, justice and liberty are variously interpreted by liberals themselves. They believe that liberal government and liberalism, in general, provide many solutions to the dilemma of equality of culture, namely the issue of women’s rights”.

In addition, virtue ethics has its strengths. The strengths of virtue principles include the significance of individual integrity. The major potency of virtue ethics is that it provides an opportunity for persons to make decisions. Moreover, virtue ethics is closely linked with sensible ethics, reinforcing the autonomy of individuals. Utilitarianism is a single principle and an absolute system with a potential answer for any situation. Gender equality is an important ethical issue. We should solve this ethical problem.

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