Are Students Satisfied With the Steps Taken by UK Government in Pandemic?

Steps Taken by UK During Pandemic

For the first time in history, the whole education system in the world saw a different trend of complete online learning for almost a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some educationists see it as a positive step towards the future of online and distance learning while the response of students and some other educationists was not in the favour of it. The government and universities had taken major steps during the pandemic to lessen the effect it on the education sector. But for the students, complete online classes and exams were a completely new experience. A pandemic causes the universities to take some extra safety measures. But the question is whether the students are satisfied with these steps or not? First, experts of coursework writing services will discuss the steps taken by different universities and the UK government.

  • Universities have not started the complete on-campus classes instead there is a mix of online lectures and on-campus classes.
  • The use of facemasks on the university campus is necessary.
  • Cleaning managements have been improved.
  • For ensuring social distancing the signage and markings are placed in buildings.
  • Perspex screens are placed in study spaces.
  • Seat finder apps are installed in libraries
  • Government has made it compulsory for international students to isolate themselves for 14 days after returning from their parent country.
  • The University of Cambridge is offering a weekly test of infection with SARS-CoV-2, for all the students living in university accommodations.
  • The University of Cambridge is also offering financial help to the students who are in financial crisis due to COVID. Students can apply to university hardship funds.
  • UCL has introduced a new law where the size of the room must be four times the size of the gathering for ensuring social distancing. It has also installed temperature monitoring devices in all buildings.

Students Response to the Steps Taken by Universities and UK Government

Different surveys were conducted to find out whether students are satisfied with educational policies during COVID-19. The majority of the students are not satisfied with the online lectures and classes. According to them the quality of lectures is not s good as it is in face-to-face lectures. According to the survey many students demand that their tuition fees should be reimbursed because they are taking online classes and no using university space and facilities. The government has announced that only a partial fee will be reimbursed to the students who have received the poor quality online lecture. But this will be first confirmed by the ombudsman of the university. Some students are dissatisfied because they think their assessments were not marked as they were marked in physical classes. Many students are not satisfied because they have not received clear communications about the next academic year from their higher education institution. Many students complain about not receiving the support services like careers guide, mental and health support.

A week ago it was uncovered that the UK government disregarded counsel from the country’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies to restrict up close and personal educating at colleges except if significant. The pandemic has uncovered profound established defects in how colleges are financed. The public authority’s inability to remain behind the area in this season of emergency has implied establishments have been urged to focus on student enlistment over wellbeing and security, with staff and students currently addressing the cost. Reactions to how colleges have adjusted for this present year have been blended. Student delegates communicated disappointment with Covid-19 measures and addressed why they were paying educational expenses for something they could watch on YouTube free of charge. They said that encouraging quality was extremely hit-and-miss, and educating isn’t just about the talks, yet every one of the offices that students ordinarily approach which are currently shut.

They highlighted the marketization of advanced education, which has prompted the present circumstance in which students are requesting their charges be compensated for the low quality of learning. Difficulties looked at by the instructor in conveying the meeting using one of the online stages and numerous students more than once talking over one another while recommending that tip top colleges are notably better than at giving the course content in both mixed just as online configuration.