How to Write an Essay within 30 Minutes?

How to Write an Essay

An essay is a short piece of formal writing that deals with a single subject. To write an essay, you will have to develop a topic. You will have to conduct in-depth research by using scholarly resources. The students have to create a thesis statement by formulating the arguments. They have to write, proofread and edit the essay. To write an essay, the students have to spend enough time. Sometimes, the students have to take some exams like SAT. They have to write essays in less than 30 minutes on these exams. Here, experts of essay writing services will discuss how to write an essay within 30 minutes.

Plan The Essay:

If you have to write an essay just within 30 minutes, it doesn’t mean that you should commence the essay writing task without preparing a plan and an outline. You should try to spend at least 10 minutes in preparing the plan to write an essay. During these 10 minutes, you should prepare an outline to write the essay. No doubt, 10 minutes out of 30 are enough but when you will spend 10 minutes preparing the plan for your essay, you will not need to rewrite or restructure the essay. You just need to start the essay writing task by following this outline. While preparing the plan for the essay writing task, you should study the essay question. When you will read it carefully, you can easily understand what your instructor is expecting from you. You should try to find out the views, points and examples that are necessary to support your point of view.

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You should also brainstorm your thesis statement. A thesis statement will consist of all the points and arguments that you are going to explain in your essay. It is just like the roadmap of your essay. Readers will also try to find out the answer to the essay question with the help of the thesis statement. In the end, you should try to create a rough outline for your essay. This rough outline of the essay should consist of all the five paragraphs of the essay. You should also divide it into three sections. In the first section, you will have to introduce the topic of your essay. You should try to prepare a plan what will be the first sentence of the essay. You should devise the thesis statement. After that, you will have to create an outline for the body paragraphs. In each body paragraph, you should try to explain one point. At last, you will have to conclude the essay with the help of the most important points of the essay.

Write The Essay:

After spending 10 minutes in preparing a plan and outline for your essay, the next step is to commence the essay writing task. You should try to spend the next fifteen minutes in writing the essay. You can easily commence the essay writing task. Its reason is that you have a thesis statement and outline. You can easily compose each part of the essay by following this outline. The students should start the introductory section of your essay with the help of a hook. The students can include the hook in the essay in various ways. They can include the hook in the essay either by adding an interesting example, a vivid anecdote or a thought-provoking question. After that, you should write three body paragraphs. In each body paragraph, you should try to explain each argument from the thesis statement. You should also try to support these arguments with the help of supporting examples and evidence. At last, you will have to summarize your thoughts in the concluding section of the essay. Here, you should not introduce any new point relevant to the topic of your essay.

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Edit The Essay:

You should not utilize all the 30 minutes just by preparing a plan and writing the essay. When you will prepare the first draft of the essay, there are some chances of mistakes. If you will submit the essay with these mistakes, you can’t get the best grades. Therefore, you should try to keep at least five minutes for proofreading and editing the essay. During these five minutes, you should check all the mistakes from your essay. You should try to remove these mistakes from your essay. While making your essay free from the mistakes, you should check spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes. You should also check the mistakes in the structure and format of the essay. The students should also check the sense of the sentences. Once, you have completed your essay, you are in the best position to decide the title for your essay.