Advantages and Disadvantages of Homeschooling in the Summer Holidays


Many parents think about homeschooling their children during the summer holidays. These days the trend for homeschooling is on the rise considering the overall world condition and the closure of schools which means children have to study at home only. Parents understand the need to keep their children busy and engaged in activities that keep them mentally as well as physically occupied in things that help them learn and progress at the same time. However, parents must also understand what proper homeschooling is all about and how it should be organized in such a manner that children take an interest in learning and develop skills to buy dissertation online that lead to success.

Parents need to keep the advantages as well as the disadvantages of homeschooling especially during the summer holidays so that they can plan and arrange things most effectively and help their children spend their time in the right way according to their age and mental capacities. Knowing the good and the bad about homeschooling will help parents what to expect when they homeschool their children and make informed decisions.  This article discusses some of the key advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling in the summer holidays so that the parents can weigh and use them in the most effective manner:

Advantages of Homeschooling in the Summer Holidays:

  • With homeschooling in summers, parents have a chance to ensure their children remain connected to their education and they have something creative and positive to do than just watching TV or playing games and wasting time
  • Summer holidays are long and the days are long too which means children have too much time on their hands and this often makes the children restless and they end up fighting; all this can be prevented with two or three hours of homeschooling which gives parents and children to look forward to something that helps them spend time in the most effective manner
  • With homeschooling, children have a proper schedule even during the summer holidays and they will utilize their time the best way, making the most of each day and minute, progressing in the right direction very easily
  • Summer homeschooling is also a great way for parents to bond with their children; the parents will be able to observe their children’s progress, how they are doing in their studies, in which areas they are lacking and how they need to focus to do better and how to come up with the best modes of teaching to help their children
  • Homeschooling during the summer days also enables the parents to help their children work on any special talents or ability they possess; parents can keep an eye on their children and help them at all levels, giving parents and children to develop a stronger bond
  • Homeschooling during the summer holidays means that children get a chance to learn even when others are not which means they have a better chance to learn and especially focus on subjects or areas where they are not strong

Disadvantages of Homeschooling In The Summer Holidays:

  • The children are forced to follow a routine even when the other children are enjoying a free life, spending their days playing and relaxing
  • The parents often begin to lose their temper being around children and dealing with their antics and activities all day long; sometimes the children fight on even the pettiest of issues like not sitting together, not sharing things and not listening to parents as they are not in the mood
  • Homeschooling during the summer holidays becomes very tough as the rest of the families are have free time, going on vacations and relaxing and sometimes it can get very frustrating for parents as well as children and leads to a strain on the relationship
  • Finding other children who can be homeschooled with their children or be their playmates can become very tough for parents during this time as most of the parents prefer to give their children some relax time during their holidays
  • Homeschooling during summer means that you will have to buy several supplies to keep the children busy; parents with two or more children will have to spend a considerable amount on buying study materials and stationery and they might end up denting their budget too

Parents need to go through the list of advantages as well as disadvantages of homeschooling during the summer holidays and isolation period for prevention of coronavirus and see how well their children would take it and if it would serve the purpose they seek. They must gather complete information so that they know what to expect when it comes to homeschooling and are fully prepared to do the best for their children.