What Is Cyber-Bullying? How Students Can Get Rid Of It

Cyber bullying means threaten, humiliate, and harass to someone through the use of technology. Cyber bullying happens when a person uses digital technology such as text messages, emails and social media to hurt someone. Traditionally, it is not face to face harassment; indeed, it is the misuse of mental ability. It doesn’t require physical power. Cyber bullies can come in all shapes without revealing their true identity. Cyber bullying is not difficult; therefore, children are playing a negative role. There are many negative effects of cyber bullying. Cyber bullying can make you helpless, ashamed and afraid. It also develops many mental health problems such as low self-esteem, anxiety and stress. Most students do not attend their class due to their mental problems. Indeed, students do not feel safe in the class even out of the home. Let’s discuss how students can get rid of cyber bullying.

Never Respond:

It is the most famous quote that “revenge is the kind of wild justice”. Don’t become crazy to response to the person who has hurt you. If you will reply in a bad manner then it will create the worse of matters. If a person posts negative comments then you should block it. Saying back is not good habit; therefore, you should avoid the humiliating comments of the people. Students should adopt the habit of forgiveness.


Taking a screenshot is changing the lives of people. If students want to stop cyber bullying then they should take positive steps. If you have received any dangerous messages of picture then you should take screenshot of it. Taking screenshot will give a solid proof to you in order to prove your point of view? Keep a record of this picture and message in your computer.

Block and Report:

Blocking and reporting is an advanced function of many social media apps. For example, WhatsApp, Twitter and Face book has introduced these amazing features. If someone is hurting you and taxing you then you should block it. Instead of that you can report and block, it is very easy method that students should adopt for their safety. Don’t chat with unknown person. A student should give their account number to their friends. Don’t share your private number with a strange person.

Talk about It:

Talking and sharing can solve half of the problem. Therefore, students should share all their problems with their friends as well as parents. Talking about cyber bullying is not easy, but, students should realize its negative effects. You should keep in mind that you are not alone who is facing these problems. If a student will share his problem that he will seek support and help from their parents. If you will not share then you will face a huge weight on your shoulders.

How Serious Is It? :

Student should aware of the negative effect of cyber bullying. Indeed, parents should give them complete information about this critical issue. If student has proper information then it is sure that he will not become the victim of cyber bullying.

Report It:

If a student is facing cyber bullying when he is going to college or school then he should report it to his or her teacher. It means that someone is seeing you in the way. Students should get help from police and adults. Reporting against a bad person will be very useful for all people.

Be Private:

Another best solution that students should follow is privacy. In most social media accounts, we see the option of privacy. Students should follow and select the term of condition of privacy and safety. If you will save all your data then no one can harm you. Don’t talk to the random person on the street, because, it is a big risk that you are getting.

Talk to them:

Sometimes teachers make a request to their student to talk to the person who is bullying you online. If student will talk to them then he will able to face all the difficulties of life. Often students feel fear to make a conversation with a strange person. If a student wants to control from afraid then he should face all the hurdles of life. In this matter, teachers and parents should play their positive role. They should make strong to the children in order to face all the difficulties of life. To conclude, we can say that students should adopt all these positive points in order to get rid of it. For further details, you can contact with Essay Writing Service.