A Strategic Management Case Study With Solution

It is a fact that the main aim of a management team within an organization is to meet the goals and objectives of the organization. A continuous planning, monitoring and analysis system that is devised by a management team is known as strategic management. A strategic management plan is helpful for a company to get an idea about the present condition of a company and try to meet the expectations of the organizational team. If you are not able to write a strategic management case study, then you can get help from experts in coursework writing services. A strategic management case study along with solution is given below;

Here, we will try to write a case study about strategic management Apple’s profitable but risky strategy. The chief executive of Apple is Steve Jobs. First of all, Steve Jobs launched the Apple iPad in 2001 and later on, he launched iPhone in 2007. In the early days, Steven Jobs faced a lot of problems because he had to face a lot of problems in the field of electronics. In short, it was a profitable but risky decision for him. After that, it had defeated all of them in the field of electronics. Due to this reason, they are able to get enough fame in the field of electronics.

If we want to clearly understand the strategy of this company, then we will have to go back in 1976. Its reason is that it was founded in 1976. First of all, this company launched such computers that were easy to use than other computers. Due to this reason, they kept the prices of their computers very high. However, these computers were not sold too much. Soon they felt that the non-cooperation authority of this company is their main weakness. After the early beginning, we try to explain the battle of this company with Microsoft.

As we know that the founder of Microsoft was Bill Gates. He had introduced Mac in the field of computers with the help of Windows 1.0. The main strategy of Microsoft was to introduce their software all around the world. Therefore, we can say that Microsoft was the main competitor of Apple. During the early days, a big dispute occurred between Microsoft and Apple because both the Windows have a lot of on-screen similarities. Due to this reason, this dispute was resolved with the sign of Microsoft that they don’t use the Mac technology in Windows 1.0.

Now, it’s time to discuss the innovative products of Apple. The main concern of Microsoft was to provide the software only. On the other hand, Apple started to supply hardware as well as software of the computers. For this reason, Apple introduced a lot of innovative computers and all the products that were related to computers. The Apple gained early fame when they introduced the first desktop computer. After that, they also move into other consumer electronics. For this reason, they launched a lot of products like MP3 music players and digital cameras etc.