The Types of Surveys For Data Collection That You Need to Know

Surveys Types For Data Collection

In order to write an academic paper, we have to gather the data. There are different techniques to gather the data and one of them is a survey. A survey is known as the type of data collection method in which data is gathered by collecting information from a pre-defined group of respondents. The information gathered by conducting the surveys is interesting and useful. There are various purposes of conducting the surveys and there are various methodologies of surveys depending upon their objectives. Here, experts of dissertation proposal writing services will discuss the types of surveys for data collection.

  • Questionnaires

A questionnaire is a common type of surveys and it is also known as paper and pencil instrument. A questionnaire is designed to get the responses of the people. Mostly, a questionnaire includes closed-ended questions. There are also some response options in these questionnaires. If someone wants to explore the answers of the respondents, he can also include open-ended questions in a questionnaire. These questionnaires are considered as an ideal survey method to get the answers to the close-ended questions. Mostly, this type of survey method is used to conduct market or consumer research.

  • Interviews

If we want to gather personal and probing information, the interview is the best option for us. Its reason is that with the help of a questionnaire, the respondents are not allowed to give the answers to the follow-up questions. On the other hand, in an interview, a respondent is free to provide the answers to the follow-up questions. There are various types of interviews like a face-to-face interview, phone interview and online interview etc. Interviews provide a better opportunity to the respondents to provide the best possible answers to the questions of the researchers.

  • Longitudinal surveys

Sometimes, the researchers are asked to gather the data and try to examine it over time. Under such a situation, the longitudinal survey is the best choice for the researchers. Its reason is that longitudinal survey provides a chance to the researchers to examine the changes in information over time. Mostly, we can use longitudinal surveys in the panel studies and trend studies.

  • Cross-sectional surveys

Cross-sectional type of survey is also an essential way to gather information about a topic. If the researchers are asked to gather the information from the respondents during a single period of time, this is known as a cross-sectional survey. In order to gather information about a particular topic at a point, it is necessary for us to utilize the questionnaire. While conducting a cross-sectional survey, a researcher should keep in mind two variables and try to gather the data regarding these two variables.

  • Market research survey

There are lots of business students who are asked to write an academic paper by conducting a market research survey. With the help of a market research survey, we can easily get an idea about the ups and downs of different products in the market. On the basis of this research, we can also devise some benchmarks about market research.