A general guide for writing an Honours thesis in Engineering and Science

Writing a thesis of any field always has to follow some common rules even if it is engineering or science-based research. A thesis of engineering studies is different from other fields of study in terms of research methodologies, sampling techniques and to some extent in writing structure. The overall look of an engineering student’ thesis is quite similar to a thesis of any other field of study because of the almost same content list included as chapters of the research paper. On contrary, it is completely different because it just has the same outlook but the inner content is completely different. So this article is aimed to describe that how to keep your writing focused and do not distracted by the simple outline but read the content and then follow structure or formatting if is similar with the requirements of your institutes. These are some general guidelines those will help in writing an honour thesis in engineering and science;As discussed earlier that it has the same content list as of thesis of any other field of study with a few changes;

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Materials and Methodology
  • Results and Discussion
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • References and Appendices
  • You need to focus on the content of each section according to the chosen topic of your study.

Abstract: It requires writing the abstract of your writing that must include the purpose of research, sampling techniques and methodologies. Findings of research and statement of the conclusion are the essential part of abstract and the word limit of the chapter has been defined by your advisor that you have to follow.

Introduction: This section is also quite similar to introduction sections of another thesis. First, you need to introduce your topic of research with proper definitions of key terms to be discussed. Provide the background of the topic by reviewing the current literature available on the topic; describe the gap in the literature and how your study is going to fulfil this gap.

Literature Review: In most of engineering thesis literature review is a part of introduction section but sometimes it needs to be separately added. This section is an evaluation of the previous study in terms of a current topic that you have chosen for to your research.

Material and Methodology: This is where the exact difference lie means first you have to state the material that you are going to use in your research. As this is scientific research, you are going to study machine or natural elements is labour a specific area on specific samples so obviously, you are going to use some materials. This is how the methodology of research differs from other researchers.

Results and Discussion: like any other research result, the result of your study is also going to be applicable in relevant practical fields of the field of studies for future researchers. The discussion aims to find the significance of your results with relevance to results of past researchers.

Conclusion: This is where you are going to state the conclusive statement of your research with reference to the purpose of research that will be used in future researchers.