Submission Guidelines for Your Final Year Thesis and Project

Submission Guidelines for Thesis

Writing a Final Year Thesis can be a challenging task. You have to work hard to make progress with every passing day. But when you have gone through all difficulties that you may need to get a quality work then there comes the time of submission. It is time for an overview and to look over all your mistakes. This article will familiarize you with the basic guidelines for the submission of your final year thesis.

Length of Thesis

The length of your thesis must be in accordance with the institution requirements. As your final year thesis may contain up to 70-100 pages. But the final year project should not be less than 70 or more than 120 pages.

Typing Quality

While writing up a thesis you must consider the quality of your typing i.e. what font and size to use in your write up? According to a PhD thesis writing service, Times New Roman and Ariel are two major fonts prescribed for thesis writing. In Times New Roman the font size must be 12 while for Ariel it 11. Double spacing is used throughout the text.

Numbering of the Pages

Lower case Roman numerals are used to number the Preliminaries. Page i of the project is the Title page but the number is not typed on this page. After the Title page the first page shows Roman numeral ii. All the pages including text, References and Appendices are numbered are numbered in Arabic numerals (1,2,3, etc). The number 1 starts with the first page of the text. Every page of the thesis has a number except for the title page.


The Text of the document must be organized internally. Classifications must be made into chapters. The organization of the text must be made on chapter numbers and other content in headings and sub-headings.

Notes and Footnotes

If your research work is related to Science and Engineering, you must work with a least number of footnotes. The font size which you are using for footnotes must be smaller than that of the text of the document.

Tables and Figures

According to a cheap dissertation writing service, these are also the main part of your thesis so they must properly present on the pages inside the prescribed margins. Each Table and Figure must be numbered with Arabic numerals. These must be placed with the discussion related to them. If there are photographs related to any material then they are also considered as the figures and must be numbered like the numbering of figures. These photographs must be scanned so that they may not be removed from the final draft of the thesis.


This part of the thesis work incorporates a brief statement of thanks to the Supervisor to the institution and recognition of any special assistance that is provided in the form of scholarships, in research work or with any kind of technical expertise.

Table of Contents

This page highlights and provides an overview of the full document. The titles of chapters their headings and sub-headings are presented as they are in the body of the text. With an overall view it also helps you to find about any particular information in the text. Careful numbering to the main and sub-ordinate headings will create a good impact of your work.


It is a summary of the entire thesis. It consists of only one paragraph which incorporates the main research problems and summarizes the findings in the context. Dissertation abstract section must not exceed one page.


You must have make use of other works and taken help from them either in directly quoting or by making reference. So your work must contain a bibliography listing these sources. This section will take a fresh page under the headings of REFERENCES or BIBLIOGRAPHY in capital letters.


This section may not mandatory but can be a useful addition and referred to in the text. It consists of illustrative materials, original data and quotations. This section comes under the heading APPENDICES in capital letter and is not counted in the total pages of the thesis.

All of the above mentioned pieces of the thesis must be overlooked before the submission. You must take a thorough look because all of your hard work will look into your final draft. All of these aspects of the thesis will give it a fine look and they will mirror your efficiency and brilliance. So you must follow the above guidelines before submission of your final thesis or project.