Reading Festival 2019: All the Preparation Tips If You Want To Attend It

Reading festival is the most famous rock music festival in the UK. The Reading and Leeds Festivals are a pair of twelve-monthly music festivals. This festival takes place in Reading and Leeds in England. The event takes place on Friday, Saturday and on Sunday. The Reading festival is held at little Johns’ Farm, near the Caver sham Bridge. You can enjoy this festival. You should go with your friends at the festival.

If you are going to Reading festival 2019, here are some tips for preparations. You should keep in mind some things:

  • Where are you going to camp?
  • What are you going to pack?
  • Will you be captivating food and drink or buy it there?

Here are all the preparation tips you must follow if you want to attend Reading festival 2019.

  1. Arrange of Money

Make sure you save a big of money for the three days festival. There are cash machines on the festival site. However, if you want to find the nearest cash point you should go to Reading West. There are a few more along Caver sham Bridge as well as outside Tesco in Church Street; about ten minutes walk from the festival site.

  1. Invest in an external phone battery

You should invest an external battery on your phone. USB battery chargers are now affordable; you should pick a USB charger with you in the festival. In a real tragedy, wind up USB chargers are cheap and cheerful. You can record all the songs on your mobile.

  1. Tent

You should pick a tent with you if you are going to the festival 2019.

  1. A4 size bag

Bags 4A size or smaller will be allowed into the Arena, do not forget that bags. A4 size bag will be helpful for you at the festival.

  1. Foods and drink

The breakfast option at the Gorge Cafe is a popular choice for celebration goers. Eating on site is entertaining but not cheap. You should not worry about foods and drinks. There are many supermarkets of popular foods. Closest to the site is the Toby Cauvery in Richfield Avenue that offers a full English breakfast deal during the weekend. Most of the pubs in Caver sham offer festival specials and welcome grubby fans.

  1. Good shoes

You should buy good shoes. You will feel easy in the raining with good shoes. You will not get muddy in the rain. You should bring a pair of good shoes. You will feel comfortable in good shoes.

  1. Socks, socks and extra socks

When you think you have packed enough socks, pack another pair.

  1. Warm clothes

We are all known what British weather is. You can check all the weather details on the internet. You can enjoy a rainy weather, but you will feel boring in the sunny weather. You should bring some warm clothes with you. It is especially true for the night. You can wear normal clothes at the festival.

  1. Reusable bottle

Water points are all the across the arena and in the Campsites, meaning you will never have to buy a bottle of water while you are there. Remember, we only allow 500ml sealed water /soft drink into the arena.

  1. Sealable sandwich bags will save your stuff

Set your phone, money and other valuables inside and seal. A life-saver in the festival is the sealable bags. It will save you from stuff.

  1. Plan your pocket

Keep your essential items in the same pockets. You will always remember where your phone and wallet is. Do not put your phone in your top and back pocket, because, you will inevitably lean over and drop it.

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